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Why We Are

PINWEEL isn’t the story of one person. It’s the story of a blended team of misfits. A group of creative, driven, WILD individuals who want to make this world a truly better place… one product at a time 😉.

In a world built on instant gratification, the PINWEEL company works painstakingly to create alternative cannabis products that we are proud to represent and share (and that give you (nearly) instant gratification 😉).

Although we are passionate about our work, and
focus on quality and transparency, we DO NOT take ourselves too seriously and we strive to SMILE & BE HAPPY… every day!


The PINWEEL squad is based in sunny California 🌞. With some natives, but many transplants, we have crafted our brand to reflect the golden shores and the eccentric neighborhoods that blend together to create our beautiful state.

We might start our day out surfing (we realize the cliché… but its true) 🙄 but spend the rest of the day hustling to create products with which you can connect… and, that just mightttt, help you SMILE & BE HAPPY.


After bringing to life two other great brands — Charlie’s & Pacha — our eclectic team wanted to create more, to do more, and to bring a lightness to the world around us. Life can be so serious, so dark, and so, we decided to add a sprinkle of happiness.

We wanted to build an inclusive company, a real company with great products with which you can identify, or not. That you can use everyday, or not. And that you can share with your friends and family, or not… Actually, please do that. 😂